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Five Free Wi-Fi Calling Apps

If you spend a lot of your time talking on the phone but don't want to shell out money for extra data, you can download a wi-fi calling app. That way, you can use other connections to make your calls.

Here are five phone apps with free calling for Android and iOS. They all offer unlimited calls and SMS text messages. Some offer landline and cell phone calls.

1. TextNow - offers international calling, voicemail transcripts, caller ID, and your own free number.

2. WhatsApp - one of the most popular wi-fi calling and texting apps. Offers access to an extensive array of other people in the WhatsApp network, in addition to your own profile.

3. Dingtone - offers unlimited texts, unlimited calls to landlines, and a free, alternate phone number for your business.

4. Talkatone - offers a free new number with which you can send texts and call most US-based numbers, and it still functions outside of the US.

5. Skype - offers free calls to other users, and 60 minutes of free calls to Office 365 subscribers every month.

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